Clichés- Léon & Arthur

Clichés- Léon & Arthur


Two young kids of two of my best friends.  Their parents didn’t choose their names regarding their possible characters association or meaning, but we can’t put aside that today’s society is full of stéréotypes or clichés.
“Prendre un cliché” is also meaning ‘taking a picture’ in french. Hopefully I pictured their future correctly by seeing these two kidos playing together and growing up being friends like their fathers are. 🙂

Léon is dressed up like the character Léon the professional. A few references to the movie are pictured in the scene. (plant, milk, sun…).  No need to present you to the character Arthur, I think most of you immediately assimilated the name to the character. I added also some props in the scene for him (the holy graal, books and the famous round table..)

The scene is done and rendered in Zbrush. I used 3dsmax for basic modeling and marvelous designer for some cloth simulation. Hair is Zbrush’s fibermesh. Post done in Photoshop.

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